[+Podcast] How to get your natural hair to look like “Hers”


[+Podcast] How to get your natural hair to look like “Hers”

Beautiful curls. They. Are. Everywhere!

It’s getting harder NOT to see at least one naturalista with gorgeous hair throughout your day. Even if it’s just on social media. And subconsciously that makes us think about our own. Is it up to par with the rest? How can I get my curls to pop? Etc, etc.

We’re inspired by one another constantly and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s too much gorgeousness to be contained! So I want to show you the quickest ways to duplicate the beauty you see and seek.

Discover her routine

               I’m telling you…listen to me now…the products ARE NOT as important as the system in which she uses her products. So first discover her routine to achieve that look you loved on her curly head. How did she prep her hair for it? In what order did she use each product? That’s the stuff you need to go by when attempting it for yourself instead of just sprinting to the beauty store to get the exact products she used.

And it’s that simple.

Tailor her product suggestions

               We are not one in the same and that’s freaking fabulous! This world would be so boring if we were! So inevitably, not everything SHE uses is going to work for YOU. Some might, but definitely not every single thing. So it’s important to switch out what she uses with products that work for you. Again, I’m telling you, products are not the end-all-be-all…many products are made up of the same ingredients, (just different percentages of each) and that’s where you should experiment once you know what ingredients work for your hair. So experiment and tailor her product suggestions for what works for you while you use her system.  

Take the easy way out

               Hey you know you can just buy her hair and install it in yours nowadays right!? I think this was one of the greatest inventions because not only does using hair extensions give us a chance to test different styles that our curls may not be naturally able to achieve (and without commitment), but it gives our hair a break from so much manipulation with a protective style! And I actually suggest you do this every once in a while. For example, I’ll never be able to achieve the stiff Black Panther looking afro with my fine and curly hair strands…and I also will probably never commit to wearing locs. BUT I LOVE THOSE STYLES! So to beauty store I go to grab some packs of hair to achieve that look.

Bonus tip: Look in the mirror

               I hope you know that the girl looking at you in the mirror is someone to aspire to be too. No one is better than you and sometimes we over look that fact there’s things about our own hair that people can envy. Like I mentioned earlier, I have fine hair and I can’t achieve many looks that ladies with coarser hair have. So if you have coarse, I’m jealous of you right now haha. But at the end of the day, I love what I see in the mirror. When I want to rock MY natural I can and when I want to reproduce someone else’s look, I can do that too! The power of options!

Never forget the most important “her” is you.

Got things to do? Here’s the podcast version!

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