My first natural hair cocktail class


My first natural hair cocktail class

Ever wanted to DIY something? For the past several years it seems like everyone’s been getting into it. In just about every niche and category. The reasons why can vary but usually the root of that desire comes from the feeling of wanting something that’s simple to create and CHEAP to create. And just the feeling of creating something with your own hands can give a thrill too.

I think that’s why I signed up for a natural hair care cocktail class last month. Originally, I knew I’d love just about anything with the word “cocktail” in it, but I was more excited and anxious to gain some new knowledge about US and how to take care of US. And I wouldn’t have anything to talk about here if I’m not continuously being a student of natural hair care info.

Hosted by Shanae Levine of Organic Hair Boutique in Charlotte, NC, she did her absolute best to see that we were comfortable, eager, and in great energy so we could leave “drunk” with information (and maybe a little tipsy for real)!

But 20+ black women in a close space for 2 hours, drinking some bubbly and meeting other black women for the first time… 

You know what that’s recipe for?

A doggone SUCCESS is right (‘cause this ain’t Love & Hip-Hop)!

This class was well worth it.

I learned a lot, met and mingled with some beautiful natural hair women with journeys ranging from 3-21 years long, and I took some good notes! So to avoid me dragging this out, I’m highlighting the main takeaways I learned that weekend:

  • The ingredients we used in the class were coconut oil, shea butter, shea butter oil, argan oil, pure tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil and peppermint oil (I’ve never even tried 3 of those ingredients)
  • Coconut oil is considered a treatment oil. It has protein to help rebuild hair strand’s structure and also cleans the hair. So coconut can be a great pre-poo and also protein treatment! And what I found surprising was Shanae said naturals should only use coconut oil about once a month (if that’s even necessary)! It can do great things for naturals with fine or brittle hair, or dry ends. But the key is to just not go overboard with it.
  • Shea butter CANNOT break down without heat. So putting it directly on your hair is not going to work. It needs to come in close contact with your skin and scalp in order to do what it needs to do. So when using shea butter, it’s best to use steam to assist. You can use a steam hair dryer, a plastic cap with a hole slit in the top, a hot towel compressed on your hair or however else you can do it. A regular dryer can be effective too—it may not give moist heat but it does give heat.
  • Use castor oil for hair loss and vitamin E oil to maintain healthy hair and prevent future damage.
  • Tea tree oil and peppermint oil unclogs your pores and stimulates hair growth

These are merely the highlights of useful knowledge I attained that weekend. And we used this information to create some real cool cocktails.

BUT, as I said, the reason I even went was to share everything with YOU…

So I want you to take this particular hair cocktail recipe off of my hands RIGHT NOW! Just take it.

If you could use a moisturizing and growth stimulating DIY cocktail with only 5 simple ingredients you can find at the grocery or beauty store, it’s time to get it now.
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Let me know how it works. And if you’re in the Charlotte area, make sure you check out Shanae!  

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When I realized my healthy lifestyle journey is bigger than me…


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