Hair Type


Sulfate molecules that attract oil and water to it. This makes it easy to lift dirt and built-up oil from your hair and scalp and … Read more


Regimen Regimen: A natural’s structured routine to carry out basic and/or specialized hair care practices


Silicones Most silicones end in “cone,” “col,” “conol,” and “zane”. These ingredients are positively used to give natural hair great slip and combat frizz. However … Read more


Porosity Natural hair’s ability to absorb water inside the follicles. There’s 3 recognized categories: low porosity, medium porosity, and high porosity


Slip Slip or “slippage”, refers to how easily hair can be detangled with the use of certain products/oils/ingredients   or “slippage”, refers to how easily … Read more


Porous hair’s ability to let water flow through    


Glycerin Glycerin a pure ingredient. It’s purpose for natural hair is to attract moisture to the follicles and is categorized into a group called humectants, … Read more


Humectants Humectants: A group of ingredients whose purpose is to attract water to the hair strands. Humectants are highly effective in humid environments. They are … Read more

Shea Butter

Shea Butter Shea Butter also known as Butyrospermum Parkii (scientific term). This ingredient is a creamy fat extracted from the nut of the African butyrospermum … Read more