3 Amazing Things Love High Porosity Hair


3 Amazing Things Love High Porosity Hair

If you have high porosity hair like me, you recognize that it can be an obstacle to keep it healthy and balanced and looking at its ideal. This hair type tends to frizz quickly when the moisture is high and ends up being weak as well as lifeless when it is reduced. High porosity strands have a harsh and open cuticle structure that enables very easy absorption of wetness right into the hair shaft, and also release of moisture from it.

High-porosity hair can be:

  • identified by genes,
  • triggered by collective damages from heat, chemicals, and various other stressors,
  • as a result of aging, as strands turn silver,
  • and also discovered in the mix with low and also normal porosity hair (as an example, in transitioning hair).

What is porosity? Porosity describes your hair’s capacity to soak up and retain dampness. There are 3 various kinds:

  • Low Porosity
  • Normal Porosity
  • High Porosity

What is High Porosity?

If you have high porosity hair, the cuticles are raised that makes it very easy to soak up moisture. Yet sadly, you can lose that dampness equally as swiftly. For this reason, many people with high porosity hair manage dry skin.

In one of my old articles regarding porosity, I discuss several of the features to search for if you think you have high porosity hair. Several of those qualities consist of the following:

  • Dry, fragile hair
  • The appearance of dull hair
  • Your styles dry quickly
  • Your hair is easily saturated with water

Although taking care of high porosity hair can be a pain in the butt often, adhering to the tips we’re likely to review has helped me determine just how to maintain moisture longer and fight frizz. Below are 6 suggestions on caring for high porosity hair

1. Constant Protein Treatments

When it comes to taking care of high porosity hair, frequent healthy protein treatments are essential. High porosity hair has lots of spaces in the hair shaft due to the cuticles being elevated. Making use of protein will certainly help momentarily fill out those voids and provide strength to your hair.

Utilizing protein for high porosity hair will do the following:

  • Provide fuller, thicker hair
  • Improve elasticity
  • Reduce damage + losing

Exactly how often you include protein therapies depends upon your hair. Although you share the same porosity as me, your hair is still various from mine. It’s vital to focus on your hair as well as use a healthy protein when it’s required. In some cases, I use healthy protein as soon as a month and other times two times, it simply depends

2. Deep Condition Regularly

Taking care of high porosity hair can end up being much easier when you deep problem frequently. Deep conditioners consist of nourishing active ingredients that help to relieve the signs of high porosity hair.

When you deep problem, it offers your hair with nutrients that help restore dampness, promote elasticity, increase stamina, and smooth down the hair cuticle.

In the last section, I gave you several of my favorite healthy protein deep conditioners, nonetheless, moisturizing deep conditioners are just as crucial!
Given that high porosity hair is extra prone to dry skin, you want to keep an appropriate moisture-protein equilibrium by rotating in between moisture-based deep conditioners as well as healthy protein

3. Use Sealants When Styling

A sealant is put on your hair last to aid secure dampness. Because high porosity hair has raised cuticles, making use of a sealant will certainly help to smooth them down and also prevent moisture from running away rapidly.

A great method to utilize when applying creams, as well as sealers to your hair, is the LOC Method. Layering your products can limit frizz and ensure you maintain moisture longer.

When it concerns looking after high porosity hair, some great sealants you can utilize are:

  • Shea Butter
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Mango Butter

4. Detangle your hair carefully

Dry hair remains in its most delicate state as well as can be conveniently harmed from detangling. Therefore, it is necessary to detangle with treatment. To do so, make certain to:

  1. Use a pre-poo product or your preferred oil, or saturate your hair with water, and then apply a rich conditioner with excellent slip.
  2. Detangle gradually and also thoroughly, area by section, with your fingers as well as a wide-toothed comb.
  3. Clip each section with a duckbill clip as you finish it.

5. Avoid harsh detergents on your hair

Harsh detergents will certainly dry out your hair and make it difficult to detangle. Gentle, moisturizing Curly Girl accepted shampoos, cleansing conditioners, and co-washes will cleanse your hair without stripping it like hair shampoos with harsh detergents will. Even if you are experiencing item accumulation, select a gentle clarifying therapy such as the ones provided right here to remove it from your hair.

6.Prevent exposure of your hair to heat

The heat from blow clothes dryers, irons, as well as even the sunlight, can damage your hair. Many curlies are amazed to find out their crinkle pattern ends up being entirely various from the straighter strands they end up being accustomed too while utilizing heat. Keep away from hot designing devices, and if you need to make use of a strike clothes dryer, constantly do so on the coolest setup, and make use of a diffuser.

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