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I’m just a child who is making the effort to transcend into my God-given purpose by discovering myself, my hair and sharing my stories to encourage everyone to do the same.

In 2015, when The Hair Politics blog and brand began, I thought this would be just for natural haircare tips but it’s evolved into something that helps you make your transition into a content, care-free, empowered, beautiful and natural YOU. I speak from the heart and from what I truly believe is the Divine. You know when you can’t get a burning thought out of your head? ..yea that’s where my spiritual entries will come into play. I’ve never been this open about such vulnerable and at times controversial part of my life…but that burning feeling would’ve never went away if I didn’t begin to share my stories. You can go ahead and dig in here by clicking here if you want. 

I believe discovering your happiness in your hair journey happens when you’ve accepted yourself, with all your complexity and flaws, as a child that was beautifully and wonderfully made. So let’s embark onward together! 

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Is being spiritual the latest trend?



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