Creating a regimen that will stand the test of time [Step-by-Step]


Creating a regimen that will stand the test of time [Step-by-Step]

I felt the need to create a fresh article to help others in this area because I receive questions pretty often about what products to use. And I can’t answer those questions from naturals I’ve never met and don’t know anything about their hair. Not having a clue of what to use on your natural hair stems from a lack of knowledge. But it’s knowledge you MUST attain so I want to share with you an easy 4-step process to formulate your best regimen yet!

#1 Know the basics

This is the MOST important step of any and some that many of us skip and that’s why we’re struggling. Take the time to learn the characteristics of your hair. Is more coily or kinky? Do you have more than one texture throughout your hair or is it pretty consistent? Does your hair absorb moisture a little too quickly or does product seem to just sit on top of your hair when you use them? Do you need to section your hair in 20 parts to effectively detangle/style or can you get away with winging it?

These are simple questions that can be answered but some of us don’t take the time to learn this and decide to just jump in…and find ourselves frustrated and flaky later on (ha, maybe not the flaky part all the time but I thought it fit perfectly). If you want to avoid overwhelm and confusion as you’re figuring out what your hair likes, make sure you at least know your porosity level, density and thickness of your follicles. Hair type isn’t so important for choosing products as it’s more beneficial when you’re deciding what hairstyle to try.

#2 Do your research first

Or run the risk of wasting money. Once you’ve discovered the basics of your hair, guess what? Now you can find others with similar hair textures and see what they’re using for their hair! This is the graceful way to find what works for you. There’s so many natural hair influencers out there I have no doubt in my mind you’ll find one you vibe with, with your hair texture. Study her, listen to her, and then find another one just to verify if it’s case for many others with your hair type too! Many gurus are not shy to tell you what they like AND what they don’t. And they’ll explain why!

When you think you’ve got a hold on a few products and you’re eager to try them…don’t buy them yet. Look up reviews from everyday consumers and read what they have to say about it. Then look up the ingredients that make up the product and see if those are ingredients that agree with your hair. If you’re not sure, take a bit of time to research a specific ingredient and how it reacts with natural hair. I know you might be adding up the time this will take in your head, but when creating your regimen, in the beginning you’re trading time for wasted money. So you decide what’s more important to you. But I’m telling you, once you HAVE taken that extra time, you’ve officially set the foundation of how you will determine the right products for you. And then you can finally move on to the next step.

#3 Buy your first official product

Yay we got here! This is the exciting part. And because you’ve done your research about the product and know the characteristics of your mane, there’s a higher chance that product will be successful for you. 

One thing I didn’t yet mention is going the DIY route. I personally love to DIY my own mixtures because I know exactly how much of each ingredient is inside and usually it’s a cheaper route. So this might be less risky for you and it also helps you get to know certain ingredients better too. Check out and follow my IG page for some awesome budget cocktails too if you haven’t already!

#4 Observe what’s working and do it again and again

Before you know it, you’re being consistent and you’ve formulated your own regimen! It doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to work for you and allow you to see some success. You’ll notice these signs of success through things like thicker hair, growth, moisturized hair that doesn’t seep into your clothing or on your hands, a scalp that’s not itchy, shrinkage, better elasticity, and etc (all the positive things). Remember consistency is key in order to determine if something is working for you. And don’t rely on your mind to remember everything that you’re trying as well. Write it down! If you want something pretty to write it down on, download my free printable sheet by clicking here! 

So remember you got this! Let us know what regimen you’ve formulated.

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