The pros and cons of being a loyal hair brand consumer


The pros and cons of being a loyal hair brand consumer

Oh yes, we’ve all had a product that seemed to be like crack for our hair. Some of us continue to purchase the same holy grail and still remain open to other products and some become loyal to the entire brand that “holy grail” product came from.

There’s nothing wrong with either decision you make. But when you decide to be loyal to ONE brand, you take on certain risks.

The downfall

The prominent issue with remaining loyal to one hair company is not knowing if there’s something even better for you. I’ve talked with naturals who’ve told me about their hair problems and when I ask them what products they use, they mention the same products they’ve always used for years. Well no wonder! Because with these naturals, there’s a high chance they aren’t paying attention to the ingredients IN the product. If you can relate to this, understand that puts you in a vulnerable state. When you don’t know what’s in the products, you don’t know what’s really working for you. And if the company changes its formula, as they commonly do for various reasons, and the product doesn’t work like it used to for your hair, you are back at square one.

It’s a big gamble.

There is a bright side

I’ve chatted with naturals who have remained loyal to their favorite brand and they’ve made me aware of some benefits of sticking with what you know however. When you are wrapped inside a brand you become a part of their tribe, and as such you get access to exclusive deals and discounts! That’s pretty convenient. Buying products in a bundle is also beneficial and usually gets the most bang for your buck. Overtime, you’ll end up saving more money on retail hair products than the natural who’s always buying different branded products at full price.

So pick your preference or even try the opposite one for a while and see how your hair reacts to it. With natural hair, educated experimentation is what makes the hair journey fun!

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