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If it's been a lovely day, make some memories!
Here's the key to have a beautifully easy natural hair journey...consistently use the right things. 
I know it sounds simple but for some reason, we still struggle to keep up with our natural hair. 

I think one reason is because we simply don't take the time to analyze and comprehend what's working AND what's not. If the task seems daunting to you, it can be. Information is not the problem anymore, we have an abundance of it. BUT I've created a cool worksheet that helps you record only the important details you want to remember to produce another great hair day! Overwhelm, gone. You'll be able to refer to your notes time and time again! You can trust you, right? 

The Hair Politics' mission is to take the guesswork and confusion out of your natural hair journey and help you know exactly what to do next and what to use as you pursue each #hairgoal! 

Download your free worksheet, My Great Hair Days, today and I bet you'll drastically decrease any amount of "bad hair days"! - All Rights Reserved
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